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I’m one of the first to admit that taxi drivers don’t have the best image.

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I’m one of the first to admit that taxi drivers don’t have the best image. From frenzied New York drivers to gobby London cabbies and lazy complaining ones, there is a stereotype that exists and this is something that I wanted to change!

At Castletroy Cabs in Limerick, we believe that our drivers must look the part as well as delivering good customer service and value for money. First impressions are very important. If a corporate customer lands in the Arrivals Hall at Shannon Airport, they should expect to be met by a professional, courteous and friendly driver. This is something that we take very seriously at Castletroy Cabs.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve begun a metamorphosis of our taxi business and the first place we’ve started is our image. Our friends at Little Blue Studio in Limerick helped us design a new brand for our business and we’re delighted with the fresh new concept that they have created. While all our taxi drivers are self employed, we wanted to encourage them to wear reflect our brand throughout their day to day business.  Thankfully, the majority were delighted to do so and have happily donned our new Castletroy Cabs shirts, body warmers and jackets as they pick up and drop off our customers every day. Drivers don’t mind wearing a uniform throughout the winter months but one in particular (yes, that’s you Liam!) has warned me that he will revert to donning his traditional Hawaiian shirt once the weather starts to get warmer in 2014.

I’m sorely tempted to get him a special Castletroy Cabs floral creation to see if he’ll wear it! As with everything we do, we appreciate feedback from you, the customer. You can check out our new brand across all our Castletroy Cabs cars, our website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

We’d love to know what you think!