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Where can I see your terms and conditions?

If you click here you will be able to read all our Terms and Conditions

How do I get a receipt for a journey I made using my credit card?

Please ask your driver for a receipt after the journey. Our taxi drivers can print receipts from the regulated meter system in the car or give you a hand written receipt for fixed price journeys. When paying by card please ask our driver for an email receipt from our chip and pin payment app.

Do you charge for the car park or waiting time at airports?

We track flight landing times at all major airports to ensure that car parking time is kept to a minimum so you will not be charged for any car park fees accordingly. if there is excessive waiting time the driver may charge for parking.

My flight time has changed. Do you check flight times?

Yes, this is why when you book for a Shannon airport collection, we ask for your flight details. We have a specialist team who check flight times at Shannon Airport 24 hours a day and keep up to date of any known time changes. You don’t have to worry about informing us, we’ll automatically send your car to arrive in time for when your flight lands.

How much luggage capacity is there in a Castletroy Cab taxi?

Our people carriers are able to hold four passengers and four large suitcases. The rear two seats can be folded into a loading space for luggage. If there are more than four passengers, we are unable to use this loading area and therefore luggage space is dramatically reduced. Our Minibus service however can accommodate up to 8 passengers and still have amply room for luggage.

Can I cancel a booking once I have made it?

So long as you cancel your car or taxi within a reasonable time frame and we have not allocated the driver, there will be no charge for a cancellation. In cases where the driver has already been allocated or traveled some distance or even arrived at the pick up address, a cancellation fee may be charged. This will be calculated based on the amount of mileage incurred.

I think I might have an account but I have forgotten the details.

If you believe you have an account with Castletroy Cabs but have forgotten the details, call us on 061-332266 or email and we will happily help you find what you are looking for.

What’s the difference between account and cash bookings?

Castletroy Cabs in Limerick city offers a guaranteed priority taxi service to its account customers. Although we aim to offer a reliable service to cash or credit card customers, it is not guaranteed during exceptionally busy periods. We prioritise our account customers, therefore occasionally during peak times we might be unable to fulfil all cash/credit card jobs whereas account jobs are guaranteed. Account customers also have access to a priority telephone booking line and can pay via monthly invoicing.

Does the amount of luggage I bring affect the price of the journey?

No, there is no extra charge regardless of the amount of luggage that you carry in one of our vehicles. However luggage capacity may be restricted depending on how many passengers are being carried in the vehicle.